225 Main Street building in Washburn
This is what it looked like when I first bought it
On 3/22/09 My son and I bought this building which is approximately 1800 s/f on each level.  Circa 1883 (or before) 

S/E Corner  This side needs some shoring up of the walls.  The garage door has been removed and an addition will go on this side with a new garage door facing Main Street
 Lower Level
Notice the hammered tin ceiling which is 2'x8'  panels.  The panels are available for sale

Lower Level West End
Lower Level South/East Corner
Giant Coal Furnace Heating system is ducted to heat whole building
Stair Railing at top of stairs on West end
Stairwell on West end
Upstairs facing East

Right This door was the first improvement made to the building at the front entry. (compare to photo above)

( I paid for a sewer  and water tap so I should be able to get a rest room built soon.)

Left:  The new shop sign