Ceiling Panels for Sale
$65 per panel 2'x8' approximate size less $10 if you take them down yourself.
These three pictures show the upstairs panels.  Each panel would include 8 of the rectangular designs The crown moulding would be in 4 ft sections at $35 each
Thes two pictures show the downstairs panels.  The designs are 12'x12' and there are 16 per 2'x8' panel  Rusted or damaged panels will be discounted

They are attached with small nails in the rafters.  Taking them down is time consuming since they should not be bent up.  When they are finally separated from the ceiling they drop 100 years of dust and dirt on whoever takes them down. It is a dirty job!!!  The upstairs area has  about 66 panels and the downstairs may have near the same number of a separate design  A small percentage of panels have rust damage and would have to be cut up for projects such as pie cabinets since the entire panel might not be useable.  The ceilings are high (about 11-12 feet) but I have scaffolding which can be used.  Anyone working in this building would have to sign a waiver of liability for insurance/safety reasons.